Chassis Intrusion Detector for IPMI protocol
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Minimal script that will poll the status of the chassis intrusion by reading the output of the ipmitool sdr list command. It checks for a value of 0x01, which means that the chassis has been intruded. If the chassis is found to be intruded upon, it will trigger a user-defined command or script. Using Systemd is recommended.

Tested On:

Operating Systems:

  • Proxmox VE 8
  • Debian 12 bookworm


  • SuperMicro X9


# Install impitool
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install ipmitool
# Install chassis_intru_scanner
git clone
cd chassis_intru_scanner
# The script MUST be run as root/sudo to be able to poll data from ipmitool!
sudo python3 --help


Run the script with a 3-second startup delay, and if Chassis is intruded, run the command echo foobar. Only if chassis was intruded, wait 5 seconds to check again.

sudo python3 -cmd '/usr/bin/echo foobar' -sd 3 -rd 5