Python script to flood matrix rooms.
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Simple Python script to flood Matrix rooms using the matrix-client SDK. Useful to stress test moderation bots. The author is not liable for misuse, use at your own risk.


git clone
cd matrix_nuker
pip install -r requirements.txt
python .\ --help

Add your tokens and messages to a txt file; every token and message should be separated by a comma. An example is included in messages.txt and tokens.txt.


For a normal attack without countermeasures:

python -hs -id ! -tf tokens.txt -mf messages.txt

A flood attack alongside a mass ping attack with wordlist countermeasures:

python -hs -id ! -tf /home/user/tokens.txt -mf /home/user/messages.txt --ping-attack --counter-wordlists


  • Custom speed for attacks to avoid API rate limits.
  • Mass ping attack with unicode character countermeasures to evade spam protection.
  • Countermeasure against wordlists used by moderation bots. Changes all texts to use unicode lettering randomly to evade wordlists and spam detection.