Automatic python updater for Minecraft Purpur servers.
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Simple automatic Python updater for Minecraft Purpur servers.

Tested on Windows & Linux.


To install, clone the repository, then move "", "purpur_updater_config.yml", and "requirements.txt" into the root directory of your Minecraft server, where the jar would normally be. You can add a service for this to your init system, such as systemd.

git clone

Install requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt


vim purpur_updater_config.yml




  1. If 'restart_command' requires sudo or elevated privileges, such as 'sudo systemctl restart my-server', you must run the script with elevated privileges, such as:
sudo python3
  1. The script will download the jar from the directory where the script is being executed. If using systemd, make sure to set WorkingDirectory= to your Minecraft server folder.